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Institutional - Introduction

Hospitals, Schools and Places of Worship built pre 1980 with hot water heating systems using radiators or baseboard convectors will reduce heating costs and improve occupant comfort by investing in Novitherm Heat Reflectors.

All institutions have limited budgets and are challenged by increased energy costs. They will benefit from installing Novitherm Heat Reflectors behind all heating units.

Novitherm Heat Reflectors have many benefits:

  - Reduces exterior wall conductive heat loss behind the heating unit

  - Reflects greater than 93% of the radiant heat back into the room

  - Increases air circulation and heat output

  - Improves comfort

  - Allows for the reduction of boiler water temperature by 5 to 10°F

  - Reduces heating equipment run time

  - Most institutions enjoy a 1-5 year payback

  - Enhances boiler retrofits and many other energy saving measures

  - Reduces production of greenhouse gases

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