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Reduced fossil fuel

Reduced fossil fuel consumption leads to
reduced Greenhouse Gas

Many benefits come from investing in Novitherm Heat Reflectors which include dollar savings and improved comfort. However, perhaps the least appreciated or understood benefit is the positive impact and benefit to our environment when reducing energy consumption.

Greenhouse Gas is emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. Using Natural Gas as an example some of the emissions are Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. This calculates to 1902.6g of Greenhouse Gas for every m3 (cubic meter) of natural gas consumed.

For every 1,000 cubic meters (m3) saved, 1.9026 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas are avoided.

Example: If the average older home consumes 3531m3 ($1553) of natural gas annually and Novitherm Heat Reflectors can reduce this consumption by 10% it would equate to 353m3, this would be equivalent to 0.672 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas avoided.

It takes a single tree 40 years to consume 1 tonne of carbon emissions. Therefore the installation of Novitherm Heat Reflectors in the average home is equivalent to planting 27 trees per year.

Novitherm Canada Inc. encourages all homeowners to check with your local government and utilities for incentives relating to energy efficiency/emission reduction.

Example: In Ontario see Enbridge

Novitherm Canada Inc. recycles unused, damaged and remaining pieces of Novitherm Heat Reflectors. Please contact us by phone or email to coordinate appropriate recycling. 1-866-382-5505 or