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Multi-Residential - Heat Reflector Panel Pricing

Panel Pricing

A unique product improving comfort and saving heat costs with hot water heating systems….

Novitherm Heat Reflectors for all your hydronic heaters including baseboard or cabinet convectors and radiators.


Price(prices do not include shipping or tax)

6” or 8” high x 34.5”

$7.25 each

10” or 12” high x 34.5”

$8.25 each

20” high x 34.5”

$13.40 each

Heat Reflector double sided mounting tape 120 microns thick $11.95 per roll – for smooth wall surfaces

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Other currencies will be assessed at the current exchange rate at the time of order.

NOTE: For multi-residential orders, a site inspection must be performed to determine the proper sizes and quantity of materials needed. We will be pleased to perform this service, at no cost to you, and provide you with a complete and descriptive proposal including savings and your ROI (Return on Investment).

For out of town buildings, we will be pleased to work with you so please contact us directly.

The proposal contains quotes for both product only and product plus installation. You may then choose to use our qualified crew or self install. Please call Carrissa York at 705-446-3242 or 866-382-5505 to arrange for a site inspection, or with any technical or installation questions.