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Multi-Residential - Current Utility Programs

Various utility companies run Novitherm Heat Reflector incentive programs to assist their customers in reducing gas heating consumption which decreases their energy costs.

Current ProgramsEnbridge Gas Distribution serves over 1.9 million customers in Ontario.
pdf Click for a list of communities that Enbridge serves (PDF)

Enbridge MultiChoice program (in Ontario) A custom program that offers a cash incentive of 10ยข per m3 (cubic meter), based on 10% savings of the heating load.

For multi-residential/commercial owners and property managers; and for institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals, the only documentation needed is the Novitherm certificate of control adjustment and a signed, one page application. Depending on the time of year, cheques are received in approximately 6 weeks.
pdf Multi-Residential Incentive Summary (PDF)


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