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Residential - Homeowner FAQ's


How much money am I going to save?

Based on 10% savings, you can anticipate a 10% reduction in your heating costs. The typical payback is 1 – 3years.


Does the heating unit have to be removed to install Novitherm Heat Reflectors?

Novitherm Heat Reflectors fit easily behind most styles of radiators and inside most baseboard convectors. For convectors, the covers are removed and the Novitherm Heat Reflector is affixed to the flat surface at the back of the convector. Convector installation requires a space of 1/3" (1 cm), behind the heating fins. Novitherm Heat Reflectors fit easily behind radiators provided there is a gap of 3/4" (2cm) or more.

Should I install Novitherm Heat Reflectors behind all heating units on interior walls as well as those on exterior walls?

Novitherm Heat Reflectors are normally installed behind heating units on exterior walls to prevent heat loss to the outdoors. However, the radiant heat reflective capabilities of the Novitherm Heat Reflectors, also improves warm air circulation and comfort when installed on interior walls. This could be a benefit especially to colder rooms in your home.

How easy are the Novitherm Heat Reflectors to install?

The typical homeowner will find installation very easy. Complete "Do It Yourself" instructions are supplied, and no special equipment is needed. See our Installation Guide pdf page for further details.

How often will I have to replace the Novitherm Heat Reflectors?

Under normal circumstances, you may anticipate Novitherm™ Heat Reflectors will perform 25 to 30 years without replacement.

Heating Unit Size:

My heating units are different sizes. Are the Novitherm Heat Reflectors available in different sizes?

The Novitherm Heat Reflectors come in a variety of sizes. With a simple pair of household scissors, the Novitherm Heat Reflectors can be cut to fit any size of heating unit.

What are Novitherm Heat Reflectors made from?

Novitherm Heat Reflectors are made from clear PVC plastic with an aluminized coating. See our Technical Information page for further details about the product.

Does the Novitherm Heat Reflector get hot?

One of the advantages of a Novitherm Heat Reflector is that it does not absorb heat. Its special design reflects the heat back to the radiator or convector and into the room while remaining cool to the touch.

Comfort Level:

Will Novitherm Heat Reflectors increase my comfort levels?

Most people find that the comfort level within their rooms(s) will improve. From the moment they are installed, the room will heat up faster when the heating system is on and there will be fewer cold spots in the room.

Where to Purchase:

Can I buy the Novitherm Heat Reflectors in a store?

The Novitherm Heat Reflectors are not available to buy in any local stores. You can purchase them directly from Novitherm Canada Inc. Please see our Request for Quote page for further instructions.

Where can I purchase Novitherm Heat Reflectors in the United States of America?

Novitherm Canada Inc can ship anywhere in North America. Please see our Quote page for further instructions.

How do I determine how many Novitherm Heat Reflectors I need?

Our fully automated quoting system is set up for you to be able to input your measurements and be instantly provided with a free quote listing the amount of Novitherm Heat Reflectors needed.