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Scientifically Engineered

Novitherm Heat Reflectors are scientifically designed PVC panels with an aluminized surface designed to reflect radiant heat. They are installed in between the hot water heating units (Radiator/Convector) and the wall to reduce heat loss and reflect the heat back into the room. This immediately improves comfort levels and allows you the opportunity to reduce heating requirements in your home.

Enclosed Air Space

The molded shape of the Novitherm Heat Reflector allows for an enclosed air space between the heating unit and the wall surface creating a thermal barrier.

Highly Reflective Surface

The highly reflective surface enhances and increases the amount of reflected heat back into the space.

Saw Tooth Profile

Its saw tooth profile is designed to enhance convective Currents carrying heat further out into the room.


Allows for the reduction of boiler water temperature

The heating system requires less energy for home comfort

Heating units heat the room faster and remain hotter longer

Reduced heat loss lowers the home’s demand for heat resulting in less energy consumption

Reduces cycling rate of the boiler, thus increasing life expectancy

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Novitherm Heat Reflectors not only save you money and improve your comfort, but also reduce your carbon footprint.
Find out how! Go Green Savings

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