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Residential - Reduce Heating Costs

Based on heating cost savings of 10%, the typical payback by installing Novitherm Heat Reflectors is just 1 – 5 years!

By preventing heat loss through the exterior wall, improving heat circulation in your home, and improving the efficiency of your water radiator, the room heats up quicker. As a result the thermostat shuts the boiler off sooner and reduces the runtime of the heating system.

Do the Math

Based on an Average Size Home Built Before 1980:

Average Heating Costs 
(Natural Gas/Water Heated) $1510 per year. 

Average Fee for Novithermâ„¢ Reflectors in a Single Family Home $229
(Installed by homeowner)
Based Upon 10% Savings per year = $151

Estimated Payback
$151 saved per year = 1.5 years payback
Payback/Recovery of Costs = 67%