Save Energy  •  Save Money  •  Improve Comfort  •  Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Reduce Heating Costs and Improve Comfort

by reflecting heat back into your building

Home owners with hot water heated homes built pre 1980, will improve comfort in their home and reduce heating costs by installing Novitherm Heat Reflectors behind their radiators/baseboard convectors.

The increased heat gained improves comfort allowing home owners to turn down the thermostat by a few degrees therefore saving dollars on energy heating costs. A 1°c reduction on the thermostat = 2% savings on energy heating bill.

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Novitherm Heat Reflectors work in many ways.

  - Reduces exterior wall heat loss behind the radiator

  - Reflects greater than 93% of the radiant heat back into the room

  - Increases air flow circulation and heat output

  - Improves residents comfort due to heat gain

  - Reduces production of greenhouse gases

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